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  • Red Diesel Price Kent – Tackle rising costs

    Red Diesel Price Kent

    Red Diesel Price Kent

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    Gas Oil / Red Diesel users in Kent can take practical steps to take advantage of the fluctuations in the oil price we are currently seeing, says James Hunt, Director of New Era Fuels.

    Watching the Red Diesel price and other volatile markets more closely could bring short-term buying opportunities.

    Massive rises last year in the price of Red Diesel and now massive falls has seen fluctuations of nearly 30%.

    Many Red Diesel buyers could save on fuel through better planning, monitoring both tank levels and fuel prices more regularly.  It is too common that commercial companies who buy Gas Oil / Red Diesel Kent have to take the price on the day the tank was down to its last drop.Watch Cyberbully (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

    Remember, the red diesel price Kent might typically fluctuate by 2p to 3p in a week and any savings are worth having. New Era’s customers are advised to keep in touch with their account manager about where prices are going so they can try and buy in the dips.

    The combination of lower oil prices and over supply of gas in the USA has made the market perfect for deals to be obtained.

    So why not call us today to find out our Red Diesel Price Kent0844 245 6662

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